The Most Successful Cheater In Sports (Lance Armstrong)

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, It didn’t take me long to realize who it was. This athlete not only got away with it for years, but he and his team created an elaborate method to cheat the system.

Funnily enough, he would have never had got caught if it wasn’t for a bitter ex-team member ratting him out and his whole squad too. This was his last photo on Vanity Fair Magazine.

What makes his story worse is that he was a hero for so many too. Lance was a Cancer survivor and left hope for people who were sick with the disease that they too could overcome it and be a winner also.

There’s no doubt that Lance was a tremendous athlete, but his doping made it impossible to beat him. Apparently he was cheating from 1996 all the until 2010. He used blood doping and PED’s, along with abuse of Testosterone treatments. He was later stripped of all of his accomplishments after a lengthy investigation. His cheating discovery paved the way for a lot more teams and cyclists to be exposed moving forward too.

Credit: Michael Carling


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