Love&Relationships: I Don’t Think I Can Forgive My Husband After This

I feel bad and so unhappy about my husband’s action.

Yesterday, I was using his phone and a message from a group he tagged old friends group popped up. They I saw a message that carried my name and one image was sent too. So I click and the image was that of a lady giving a man head ( blow job ).

So I scrolled to follow up the conversation that eventually brought about my name and photo, and behold I saw chat of my husband telling them on the group about how much I suck at giving head.

I’m still in shock because I will never do that. I feel in marriage we can talk about these things why sell me out to your friends.

Funny part is I know these friends and i don’t think I can find the courage to still look at them whenever they come around. Do you think I’m over reacting because since yesterday I have not been myself.


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